The history of private radio in Romania after 1990 (the part experienced by me), E1

1991 – spring

Since autumn I lived in Bucharest, because I was a student. My tape recorder double and I moved into a studio apartment on Drumul Taberei. I had advanced, I knew what FM was and what it did, and I had a favorite radio, it was called Nova 22, it was on the frequency 92.7 megahertz. Nova 22 was recently reactivated online by one of those who were then, in ’91, dikes: Geo Culda. Then he did a daily program together with Cristi, later known as Matze. They called themselves Raccoons. It wasn’t the only radio where trick nicknames were used for artists, there were others; Bagheera, Mister Big (I was a colleague with him for many years and we still keep in touch) and many more. Anyway, most of the time the people who spoke…

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Our daily meat I

A few years ago, a bona fide thinker from our country publicly rebelled about the “militancy” of vegans or vegetarians, which disturbs the cheerful consumer of sausage and steak at the table. He even overbids, saying that vegans have no conscience or philosophy about their diet, which distinguishes them from monks, for example, whose fasting has a spiritual dimension, which makes it honorable and understandable. What about vegans? What annoyed Bonom the most was the idea that vegans behave as if they have a moral superiority over carnivores. Which in reality…

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The case of Ana Oros

I didn’t imagine that in this case too, someone would be able to say that it was the woman’s fault. It just wouldn’t have occurred to me. If someone had been attacked by a bear in the forest, you can certainly partly say that the man is to blame, that he is practically walking on the territory of the wild animal. But even here the term blame doesn’t fit… you can’t tell someone to stay at home if they like to walk in the woods, especially since they’ve probably been there a thousand times before and nothing happened. Maybe three or four times he met the bear and the bear left. Or the man, or both. A violent encounter of this type, unless the man provokes the animal, is very rare and is almost an accident. Only if the bear kills a hunter do we return to the paradigm of guilt.
Which fault falls, of course, on the…

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The history of private radio in Romania after 1990 (the part experienced by me), E0

Ep. 0

1990, summer. I come from Brasov by train. I was in black prewashed jeans thick as hell, in which I was sweating all over, which I was very proud of, because I hadn’t really had jeans. They were loose on me and had attached flap pockets. But by far the coolest product I brought from Brașov was a black double cassette player with CD (!), I don’t remember the brand, which my brother had bought in the shop. Shop then meant a currency store, where during the years of socialism you could find goods imported from the West, where as a Romanian you could only buy currency, which you had to justify, which was almost impossible. Someone in your family must have worked abroad or something like that. In 1990 there were still shops that started selling to Romanians without restrictions, now that capitalist freedom had invaded us. Back then I didn’t know the word “capitalism”, I barely used the term…

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About Ukraine

For almost seven years, I have been following in parallel both corporate or “official” media institutions and independent ones, especially the left ones, because this is my perspective. I have significant media experience, some 15 years, and I know that every media corporation has an agenda. Even if it does not tip the political balance one way or the other, the media institution is in any case tributary to the customers who buy advertising. For example, Coca Cola can also put Cialis in its soup, that we will not see any report on television unless the handkerchief can be thrown on the drum in time. The only way in which the press can be independent, and therefore as objective as possible, is when the institution is supported directly by the money of the audience, through direct donations. I say how much because objectivity is an objective (pun intended) extremely difficult to achieve, being influenced by the most banal details, such as the placement on the page, the order of the news, not to mention the political orientation of the author. In fact, I don’t think there is an objective press, instead it is appreciated when the journalist is honest, even this being a…

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